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We are always willing to consider new work for our gallery. The best way to present your work for consideration is to send us a few jpegs by email and a brief resume' and any pertinent publications or information concerning your portfolio.

If we are interested in your work and feel that we might wish to represent it in our gallery, we will then contact you and ask you to send us some actual photographs. I have learned from past experience never to make a judgement until I've seen the actual prints.

Everyone represented by our gallery has an extensive body of work as well as outstanding credentials. It is naturally all of archival, museum quality and they are committed to photography as their art form. People who purchase photography want to know that the person whose work they are purchasing is establishing a reputation in the photographic world.

Please check our website to see if your work would fit into our gallery. The work we show is very traditional, focusing on beauty rather than what might be considered "the cutting edge" of photography. We are interested in representing a variety of subjects and will consider anything that fills our criteria.We do not handle any color or digital work at this time.We prefer to represent people who print their own work because we feel this is an extremely important component of the art form.Due to the difficulties of transporting the prints, we rarely represent the work of foreign photographers living outside the United States. The famous French photographers of the 1940s are, of course, an exception.